Pinzgauer 716K P80 (1989) For Sale

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Re: Pinzgauer 716K P80 (1989) For Sale

Post by Joeri » Thu Aug 08, 2019 8:31 pm

Well Steve i know a gut in the Netherland who bought one and had no problems getting it on the road....Belgium would be a different storry. Even in Germany some are road legal....i know That there a diference in vin number....the VAG ones are build in Austria. ;)

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Re: Pinzgauer 716K P80 (1989) For Sale

Post by steve » Thu Aug 22, 2019 8:46 pm

Yes its funny that, guy in Germany couldn't register a 1997 Pinz 716 as it was too late a registration. He could register a 1996 but not a 1997 that was a few years ago so things might have changed.
But when I advertised Pinzgauers for sale in Europe the answer I got from any enquires was, was it registered in Austria first. If not they weren't interested in the vehicles. It also had to have the Austrian paperwork with it.

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Re: Pinzgauer 716K P80 (1989) For Sale

Post by Knighty » Fri Aug 30, 2019 3:22 pm

This Pinz is now sold, having had 2 months between exchange & completion, and has been taken back to Austria.

Diesel K's are relatively rare to other models, and do warrant a premium in price. It'd be interesting to know the actual numbers; how many 716K's and how many 718K's in each of the P80, P90, P93 and ATL models?? Pricing is what one is prepared to pay - and as trades are few & far between, and eventual sale prices are hidden - prices can vary substantially; I'm sure that some scoff at higher prices even though they can be justified by someone else. Bargains can be had as it's an imperfect market, and good luck to those who've got a quality K on the 'cheap' as there would likely have been someone else that would have paid more had they known.

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