New Wolf 110 Project

110 Land Rover Wolf FFR
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New Wolf 110 Project

Post by steve » Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:03 pm

Well This is my new project 110 Land Rover Wolf FFR Yes I know its not a Pinzgauer but I needed a break from working on them

This vehicle was cast by the MOD last year and I picked it up of a guy who had a few vehicles knocking around him. Nice enough guy but I’m I’m always careful when I see illegal tyres on a vehicle that hasn't done much mileage since its 1st MOT 6 months before, so I suspect bits had been swopped over to one of his other vehicles. You can normally tell the type when they don't show you over the vehicle and keep what they say to a minimum.

I had a look around it got underneath to check the chassis and we agreed a price bit more than I wanted to pay but these 110 Wolfs don't come cheap. I drove it home and it seemed to drive fine, until I got onto the motorway. As my speed increased in came the dreaded death wobble. For those of you that have experienced this then you know what I’m talking about.
For those that don't know its when something is wrong one steering suspension tea and can be an easy find or an extremely difficult thing to cure.
So speed was down to 50mph and slower when the wobble came in. But it got me home.

I had a few things on so couldn't do any work for a few days.

First thing I did was to start to strip out all the FFR radio gear and units from the rear and cab areas. That was a job and a half it took me a good day and a half. 2 of the radio units when I had unbolted then I couldn't even lift them out on my own. I had to scrape them along the floor and let them drop out onto the tarmac drive. To give you an idea the rear suspension must have lifted a good inch or more.

Now when I checked the vehicle out with the MOD this vehicle had had the Shoehorn upgrade which incorporated a rare anti roll bar and heavy duty suspension the rear.

ARMY EQUIPMENT 2320-D-128-811 SUPPORT PUBLICATION 2nd Edition Oct 1999 (Superseding 1st edition June 1998)

Project SHOEHORN Revised weight data plate
1 Following the introduction of the BOWMAN communication system to the Land Rover fleet, it was found that some TUM (HS) variants were over weight. To address this issue SUV IPT tasked ABRO to modify specific vehicles (project SHOEHORN); this involved the fitting of a rear anti-roll bar.
This has given the vehicle an additional 150 kg weight capability, increasing the GVW from 3350 kg to 3500 kg. In order to comply with legislation an additional data plate indicating the vehicles GVW has to be fitted to the modified vehicle. The original data plate (located under the bonnet adjacent to the brake servo) is not to be removed.

Well I had to have a trip up North to hand over try old Pinzgauer and pick a load of my stuff up. So I needed to get on and get it roadworthy.
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Re: New Wolf 110 Project

Post by steve » Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:07 pm

The amount of wiring involved with this kit is unbelievably. Also I couldn't move the racking very far indeed, I had to swing it bit by bit to the rear door then drop it out onto the tarmac drive. Much too heavy for 1 person to lift.

Time to get on and check out the brakes, strip out the wheel bearings to regrease and check out that all important suspension.

I found one front calliper piston had seized up a little. So lots of pushing and pulling with a tyre lever and some wd 40 along with using a small wire brush to clean the exterior of the brake piston up. That got it moving again.

Also had a washer stuck underneath one of the anti-roll bar bolts so that was another job to do.

The front Tyres are goosed so I went ahead and purchased 5 new 255/85/16 Goodrich Mud Terrains

Also found that all the wheel bearing hub nuts were finger tight, now these have the TD5 hubs fitted which means that the hub nuts have to be torqued up. They have shims fitted between the bearings unlike the normal 300 TDI ones which have double hub nuts and locking tabs.

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Re: New Wolf 110 Project

Post by steve » Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:09 pm

I noticed that the oil cooler pipes were rubbing up against the exhaust downpipe, the bolts was missing from the bracket which bolts to the engine block which keeps the pipes secure.

Also noticed one of the bolts was missing from the fuel filter housing so another couple of small jobs out of the way

Fitted new diff lock and gear knobs to smarten the cab area up, New steering wheel and new top dash trim are also on order as they are both damaged
Another item on my list of to do was checking over all the suspension system so I started on the front. As you can see I replaced the 2 Panhard rod bushes and used genuine L/R ones.

Also fitted some washers which were missing around the system along with tightening everything up.

I also found that the front propshaft had its 2 UJs worn so I stripped the UJs out and and tried to buy some replacement ones. Seems like they are Hardy Spicer units 93mm x 27mm and are £45 each plus the VAT. Needless to say I ended up buying a New Front Prop which was only £112 for a heavy duty one.
I also purchased a gearbox bell housing plug which after cleaning the thread up fitted neatly.

Still stripping wiring out it never seems to end, radio wires everywhere.

I don't know if it will work but it seems that the FFR vehicles have 2 alternators on one for the vehicle and one for the radio batteries, which supposedly has something like a split charging system in. So will have to try it out sometime in the future.

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Re: New Wolf 110 Project

Post by steve » Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:11 pm

Again another busy week for me working on the Wolf I stripped all the door trims off and as you can see from one of these photos water is leaking down from the anti-burst door handles and running down the inside of the door which then starts to corrode between the ally and steel door frame.

I have cleaned the inside of the doors up and sealed all the seams. I will fabricate something in the door handle area so that water will drain away and not stay in the recess.

I am also replacing all the door lock barrels so that 1 key fits all. New key surrounds will also be fitted

Also tightened up both front axle joints where the swivels bolt to the axle itself, this one was loose and a bit wet.

Also had time to fit a new fuel filter and clean out the rear sediment bowel which was full of muck

The doors now have some seam sealer in them, after I cleaned the areas out of course. While I was there I cleaned up the door retraining straps.

Also cleaned up the surface rust spots and applied Jenolite rust treatment along with fitting new lock nuts to the hinge bolts. Then given a heavy coat of primer.

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Re: New Wolf 110 Project

Post by steve » Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:12 pm

I have purchased a snorkel one of the military MOD ones which means blocking off one of the side air intake units. As you can see I bought a plate especailly for the job. I took the exterior cover off and fitted a blanking plate along with sealing all around the ares as well. Then refitted the exterior cover. Yes I did the sealer area up before fitting the cover back on

It seems that the Wolfs have a twin hit intake system fitted so that if one side goes under water the engine can still get air from the other side.

Also noticed that unlike the old series Land Rovers these have no stop tags on the front axle for the steering stops to hit against. The existing set up is that the bolts hit part of the axle instead. I was a little unhappy with that so I fabricated a couple as you can see. Will see how they work

The paint work is quite thick on this vehicle and is easily peeled off, normal for MOD stuff I suppose, just gives me a lot more work to do. Also you can see some of the small dents that I will have to do.

Again checking from the transmission backwards I found that the rear propshaft was quite loose. Now that isn't the bolts loose but on investigation it was the rear flange coming off the transfer box which was lose. You guessed it the nut was finger tight. Now thats quite a few nuts that I have found loose on this vehicle.
The drivers seat back cover is split so I managed to get a 2nd hand seat frame with cover off e bay. I went up to Croydon to pick it up and it was like new.

The only problem was it was for the N/S/F (near side front) and my split was on the O/S so another little job as you can see was for me to change the covers over from the new seat frame to my old seat frame.

Just need to clean the seat now.

Another Job to cross of my list..

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Re: New Wolf 110 Project

Post by steve » Wed Dec 19, 2018 8:22 pm

Missed quite a lot of pages from the old site a friend of mine who is redoing the site managed to get a few of the old pages up which I have posted up.

Today I decided to fabricate a new snorkel mount. The first one that I did lasted quite some time but didn't stand up to all the bushes on a lot of the lanes that I have been driving since moving to Herefordshire. They are very tight on some I have had to remove the spare off the side of the truck to get through the lanes.

I had put a heavy duty one on that I made as a temp solution but wanted something that better suited an ex military vehicle

Thats why I fabricated the rear stowage box which has come in very useful. When I know that a trip is going to have some tight lanes on the route I put the spare into the box and strap it down.

I will get a coat of paint onto the bracket bolt it up and see what it looks like then.
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