716 Sold to Germay

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716 Sold to Germay

Post by steve » Sun Dec 16, 2018 5:43 pm

Few photos of my trip to Germany when I sold my 2nd Diesel 716 after having a hard top conversion carried out along with a load of other work that required doing on her.

This was a 1997 model year that I had imported from Malaysia which I had do do a lot of work on right through from the engine through to axles. This took me a couple of years to fully complete. It was a late model P90 with a lot of P93 bits on her as standard. These Malaysian Pinzgauers were sold to the Malaysian Military in what is called Knock Down Kits.

So they were assembled in country from parts supplied by Steyer.

Of course I took my wife on this trip and we were taken by the buyer who lives in Stuttgart to the Porsche museum which is located in the town as well.
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